Since Zeta Espacial S.A. launched the first product in 1979, the company has always believed in quality, innovation, effort and teamwork as day-to-day goals.

In 2017, our Pop Rocks® brand received the “Superior Taste Award” from the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels. This important prize was awarded by a recognized group of chefs and sommeliers who taste the quality of products in various categories.

Additionally, the AI Global Media group recognized Zeta Espacial with two awards: “CEO of the Year”, for innovation in the company’s leadership, and the “Spanish Enterprise Award” for the company’s trajectory.

logo superior taste award 2017

Zeta Espacial also feels proud of its commitment with sport and its values, sponsoring world-renowned clubs such as CPA Olot, World Champion in the Roller Games World Championships in China. In 2017 we also collaborated with C.E. Global Basket, which fights for social integration through sports, and with other leading clubs such as the CPA Mataro, the CPA Alcobendas and the OK Academy, among others. Peta Zetas® also sponsored the 2017 Roller Hockey King’s Cup.

CPA Olot patrocinando a Pop Rocks

CPA OLOT – Winners of the Roller Games World Championship China 2017

Equipo Baloncesto Global Basket patrocinando Peta Zetas

C.E. Global Basket

Copa del Rey Hockey Peta Zetas

74º Roller Hockey King’s cup 2017

Education and solidarity are very important values for Zeta Espacial and we supported initiatives such as the Writing and Drawing Contest “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” of the C.P.R. Torrejaral, among other educational projects in Spain.

Teatro Charlie y La fábrica de Chocolates Peta Zetas

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-C.P.R. Torrejaral

Internationally our brand Pop Rocks® actively supported charities such as “Give kids the World Village” or “Children’s Heart Foundation” in the United States.

tv radio features the childrens heart foundation pop-rocks

Thank you card of the Children’s Heart Foundation

Our cooperation with the “Ice Cream Museum” in San Francisco was most welcome by our fans. The opening of this museum created an enormous expectation, since it combines the tasting of goodies with fun experiences around the world of ice cream. Part of this experience was provided by Pop Rocks®, who built a huge popping candy cave for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Pop Rocks Cave, Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco (USA)

Pop Rocks Cave, Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco (USA)

Also in the United States we launched a successful new licensed Pop Rocks® item in cooperation with “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, one of the most eagerly awaited summer movies in the United States.

And with regards our range, the new Peta Zetas® Cola was launched to complete the renewed image of Peta Zetas® range.

pop rocks valerian unidad
Bolsas Peta Zetas

In 2018 Zeta Espacial will continue supporting solidarity initiatives and other projects that spread values such as teamwork, commitment and responsibility. Our commitment to our consumers is to work hard to continue offering quality and fun in each package.