Trick-or-treat is fun with Pop Rocks!

Over 12,000 people celebrated an explosive Halloween with Pop Rocks® at the Georgia Aquarium.

Scary-um New Zealand Aquarium

From October 31st to November 2nd, 2013 Georgia Aquarium transformed into Georgia A-Scary-Um! where families were able to experience seeing over 100,000 animals such as the long fin batfish and Japanese spider crabs. This experience included fun with music, costumes, games and, trick-or treat stations giving out Pop Rocks® to all.

Over 12,000 people celebrated in the festivities with their loved ones and Pop Rocks® was able to provided a unique experience to all kids visiting with trick-or-treat candy and spooky fun as well.

Pop Rocks®, the original popping candy of the 70’s, brings back good memories to parents and an explosion of fun to today’s kids. Do you want to know more about Pop Rocks®? Follow us on