On September 11th 2018, at 3 pm, Creaky Joints® presented the Spring/Summer 2019 Tumbler and Tipsy® by Michael Kuluva collection at the KIA 360 New York Fashion Week.

We, at Zeta Espacial, can´t be more proud of this cooperation with our Pop Rocks® brand. After the initial cooperation in 2015 when Tumbler & Tipsy® chose the incredible “Pop Rocks® Dress” to close their spectacular runway, once again this year they showed their love for Pop Rocks® to be the perfect complement for any occasion.

Michael Kuluva showed us that sport shoes, belts, t-shirts and evening dresses can be bold, daring and fun with Pop Rocks®.

NYFW 2018  Camiseta Tumbler & Tipsy
NYFW 2018 – T-shirt Tumbler & Tipsy

NYFW 2015 Vestido Pop Rocks Tumbler & Tipsy
NYFW 2015 – Pop Rocks Tumbler & Tipsy dress
NYFW 2018 Deportivas  Pop Rocks Tumbler & Tipsy
NYFW 2018 – Pop Rocks Tumbler & Tipsy sneakers

NYFW 2018 - Tumbler & Tipsy and Pop Rocks
NYFW 2018 – Tumbler & Tipsy and Pop Rocks

Michael, living with arthritis for the last seven years, partners with Creaky Joints to inspire fashion lovers to dream big, make people smile and have fun with fashion.

NYFW 2018 Michael Kuluva
NYFW 2018 Michael Kuluva

“Michael Kuluva is a fantastic example of how a person living with arthritis should not set limits on their ambition simply because they are also managing a chronic desease” said Seth Ginsberg, President and Co-founder of Creaky Joints, the first ever patient-centered research registry for joint, bone and inflammatory skin conditions.
“Michael’s Show is a celebration of looking and feeling good on the inside and outside. We´re excited to once again support the Tumbler and Tipsy runway Show and Michael as his journey continues.”

Pop Rocks® and Michael continue to dream big, offering youthful, bold and fun clothes and candies.

NYFW 2018 Sudadera Pop Rocks
NYFW 2018 Pop Rocks sweatshirt


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