Zeta Espacial cooperates with “San Isidre” raffle in Santa Maria de Solivella

Zeta Espacial supports little church raffle

A little church in the Catalan village Santa Maria de Solivella (Tarragona) organizes a solidarity raffle during the local holiday. Zeta Espacial has gladly cooperated with them in sending them presents for the raffle. Certainly, one of the most popular prizes for children and teens were the well-known Peta Zetas® popping candy pouches.

Peta Zetas are the most popular prizes for children in a solidarity raffle

Zeta Espacial gave Peta Zetas to a little church of Tarragona

There was an admirable organization and cooperation among city council, organizers and all the participants of the raffle. It was really an exemplary solidarity party.

Zeta Espacial cooperates in a little church raffle of Tarragona with Peta Zetas