Zeta Espacial cooperates with the biggest raffle in the world

The charitable “Solidarity Meals ” Raffle Breaks the Guinness World Record

Thanks to the support of thousands of Spanish people and lots of participant brands, like Peta Zetas®, the “Solidarity Meals” Raffle celebrated in September 2013 entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. All benefits were donated to “Cáritas” Madrid and the “Bread and Fishes” Foundation NGOs, to be used for the community social dining rooms.

A large number of organizations, politicians, citizens and famous people participated in the raffle that was celebrated in the “ABC Serrano” shopping center in the capital city of Spain. Peta Zetas®, and other well-known brands, made their donations to help this event to be a great success.

Peta Zetas charitable raffle