Zeta Espacial and Peta Zetas cooperate with Tarannà Solidarity Dinner

Over a thousand people participated in the XIX TARANNA SOLIDARITY DINNER, celebrated in the Apollo Hall of Barcelona the evening of October 4th. Actors, showmen, choreographers, artists and lots of anonymous caring people gathered for the celebration.

Tarannà solidarity dinner

Product donations worth over 190,000 euros were donated by people and companies, like Zeta Espacial among many others. This was used to collect funds for sustainable development projects in all the world, organized by Tarannà through the “Travellers with No Limits” Program.

In 2013 Zeta Espacial created a new Sponsorships Department with the objective of developing activities, co-operations and sponsorships that encourage sport, culture and social awareness among young people. Within this program, Peta Zetas® is proud to co-operate with organizations like Tarannà.