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gama productos pop rocks


  • POP ROCKS® is the original brand
  • POP ROCKS® is a fast selling top novelty brand
  • POP ROCKS® has cross-generational appeal
  • POP ROCKS® is gluten free
  • POP ROCKS® is preservative free
  • POP ROCKS® offers the widest assortment of popping candy items: you will find one to fit every occasion
  • POP ROCKS® is quality
  • POP ROCKS® is guaranteed fun
  • POP ROCKS® is not just candy. It is a fun experience for kids of all ages and possibly one of the sweetest childhood memories for adults too
  • POP ROCKS® is #1 selling popping candy in the world

For more than three decades, our original brand POP ROCKS® has been enjoyed by legions of loyal consumers consisting of a wide ranging audience including kids, teens and candy lovers of all ages.

productos pop rocks