Peta Zetas® celebrates four decades of sweet explosions, laughter and fun for kids, teens and adults who are still kids at heart. Peta Zetas® is undoubtedly the funniest candy, but also a candy committed to positive values ​​for children, such as sports, education and solidarity.

During 2019 Peta Zetas® supported a variety of events related to these activities. We participated in international events such as the World Roller Games 2019 celebrated in Barcelona (Spain), and other national events like City Race Against Cancer (Terrassa, Spain) as well as in the most representative Spanish trophies and championships in the world of roller skating, water polo and roller hockey, sponsoring great teams such as Lleida Llista Blava and the CPA L´Aldea, among others.

Patrocinios Peta Zetas Cursa de les Ciutats de Terrassa
Patrocinios de Peta Zetas en el deporte

Peta Zetas® is such a recognized candy that top media professionals mentioned it in their shows like Late Motiv by Andreu Buenafuente, Los40 radio network with Eduardo Aldá , and also in Restaurant TV Shows like Joc de Cartes on TV3.

Late Motiv con Buenafuente y radio Los40 con Peta Zetas

We have even come so far that Emma Watson carries Pop Rocks® our American Peta Zetas® brand, in her bag.

Emma Watson con Pop Rocks en Vogue

Emma Watson con Pop Rocks en Vogue
Patrocinios Peta Zetas en Plataforma educativa con recetas

Peta Zetas® has also been an innovative ingredient for our recipes, adding innovation, explosions and fun to our favorite recipes, and also a must in children’s parties.

Always fun, but also caring, and cooperating with solidarity events like the Educational Platform, among many others.

Congratulations to all for these successful events, we are product of sharing some of these happy moments with you here.

We want to thank you for your support. We hope to continue to be part of your lives also in 2020 and share more sweet moments with you.

Peta Zetas personaje