During February 15, 16 and 17, the sixth edition of the Getxo Trophy was held with the collaboration of numerous clubs, a dedicated audience and the support of Peta Zetas® and other collaborators.

We were able to enjoy more than 400 performances and a total of 24 hours of trophy and with several awards, mentions and acknowledgments.

Peta Zetas® wants to thank the authorities of sport and tourism of Getxo City Council for their participation during the awards ceremony, and also the director of the International Institute of Sports Excellence, who was in charge of delivering diplomas of the degrees of evolution certifying the skating club Show Getxo with the Premium Plus category.

The numbers impress: 1500 watts of sound, hundreds of spotlights and hundreds of balloons. But the numbers that really matter to us are the thousands of applauses and smiles we could enjoy. A trophy full of magical moments where national champions coexisted together with European champions and also initiation athletes.

Peta Zetas®, as a sports lover, feels proud of the attitude of all the skaters, who spread their enthusiasm to the public: it was a continuum of cheers and applause for all participants. In the end, to reward them, we awarded them T-shirts and many, many Peta Zetas®. The music went off and the whole pavilion was filled with their laughter and the sound of the Peta Zetas® in their mouths.

Peta Zetas® applauds the Getxo Show Skating Club for another successful edition of the Ciudad de Getxo International Trophy and congratulates all the participants.