Peta Zetas variedad de sabores
Bookish sorprende con Peta Zetas

This past June, the 1350 Bookish subscribers were lucky to receive one of their monthly boxes with a copy of “Lena and Karl” from Mo Daviau (published by Blackie Books and illustrated by Fran Velasco), with the candy preferred by children since the eighties … a pouch of Peta Zetas® popping candy!

Lena and Karl is an indie novel set in the 80s / 90s that deals with how two adults embark on a journey through time to meet their favorite music bands. A curious contemporary science fiction story that offers various characters and stories that will leave you wanting more.

Bookish sorprende con Peta Zetas

In Peta Zetas® we are proud to be part of this Bookish box and be the surprise gift that accompanies this excellent reading. Peta Zetas® continues to offer fun, surprises and laughs, both to children and adults, from generation to generation.