Peta Zetas®, as a sponsor of the Lleida Llista Blava, is proud of the team’s last victory, revalidating their WS Europe Cup Championship Award. Last year they won this Cup for the first time in the history of the club, and this year they defeated Sarzana of Italy (6-3) in the final, thus becoming champion of the 2019 WS Europe Cup, the former CERS Cup, for the second time in a row.

The Onze de Setembre Pavilion, where the matches were held, was absolutely crowded with fans and supporters encouraging their teams. The match was exciting from minute one till the end. The local team started scoring and from that moment on, even though a few times Italian team came dangerously close, they were were ahead on the scoreboard.

Each goal was an avalanche of joy among the public, and supporters encouraged the respective teams with great sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

At the end of the match, the Italian team and their fans received an standing ovation, demonstrating great sportmanship of the Llista Blava team and their fans.

The euphoria of the triumph was transmitted during the parade that took the champions of the world to the Palau de la Paeria. The applauses filled the streets and the players returned this enthusiasm throwing Peta Zetas®, popping candy to spectators. Peta Zetas®, candy has been with the team during all the way to the deserved victory and is proud to be part of the celebration.

Peta Zetas® who sponsors Lleida Lista Blava, congratulates them and Sarzana team for their effort, fair play and the beautiful sport show that they offered the attendees. Without a doubt, it was a deserved triumph for LLista Blava team. Congratulations for the reward to your efforts!