The first edition of the”Touch Rugby” Sant Cugat International Tournament was held last June 1st. The event took place at the Guinardera facilities (Sant Cugat-Barcelona), with the support of Peta Zetas® popping candy.

The Touch Rugby is a modality of female and male Rugby with no tackle or physical contact among players.

Torneo Internacional Ciudad de Sant Cugat 2019

The event brought together 8 teams of participants who were competing with fun and sportsmanship throughout the event. The league divided participants by female and male categories, and each match lasted 30 minutes.

The celebration was a success, and all fans could see how widespread this sport is currently in Catalonia. Thanks to the great organization of Sant Cugat Rugby Club, fans could also see the event online.

Touch Torneo Internacional Ciudad de Sant Cugat 2019

After an intense day of matches, Liopardas Team was finally proclaimed winners of the women’s category, while San Roque Team was the winner of the men´s category.

Throughout the day, isotonic beverages and food were offered to participants and there was also Peta Zetas® popping candy for everyone. At the end of the celebration there was an awards ceremony for the winning teams.

Touch Torneo Internacional Ciudad de Sant Cugat 2019

Peta Zetas® was at the event supporting all participants and encouraging them to play with enthusiasm and energy to bring Touch Rugby closer to the public.

Peta Zetas® encourages you to practice and enjoy this sport!

Touch Torneo Internacional Ciudad de Sant Cugat 2019