This Saturday, April 27, Peta Zetas® will sponsor the XIII La Laboral Roller Skating Tournament in Logroño.

The Tournament will take place throughout the day and will gather more than 100 participants from different clubs throughout the national geography, from Navarre, the Basque Country, Guadalajara, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands …

It will be a great Tournament since it includes many surprises and good sports at all levels, from Initiation to Seniors. This is always enriching, so that the little ones can see how far they can go with effort and perseverance, and the seniors can remember how they started. Peta Zetas® values the effort and perseverance required to excel in any sport and encourages everybody to continue learning and enjoy the process.

The club, sponsors (among them Peta Zetas®), parents, coaches and all skaters have collaborated to make this Sport Tournament a special and fun one.

We hope you all enjoy a fantastic day!